Conduct Officer and Board Member Training

To maintain a Washington Administrative Code required standard level of training and competency, all Conduct Officers and active Hearing Board Members at Washington State University will go through training on the following topics every 12 months. These topics meet all WAC requirements as of August 14, 2020. All lessons have a quiz or activity associated with them that requires active reflection or at least an 80% passing score. Cases cannot be heard until all lessons have been satisfactorily completed. Every person interacting with student records must also successfully complete WSU's FERPA Training.

Lesson 1

(requires at least 30 minutes)
Introduction to the Community Standards Process

Lesson 2

(requires at least 30 minutes)
Student Development and Conduct Philosophies

Lesson 3

(requires at least 30 minutes)
Due Process and Standard of Proof

Lesson 4

(requires at least 1 hour)

Lesson 5

(requires at least 1 hour)
Cultural Competence

Lesson 6

(requires at least 30 minutes)
Identifying Bias and Conflict of Interest

Lesson 7

(requires at least 1.5 hours)
Alcohol and Drugs

Lesson 8

(requires at least 50 minutes)
Title IX - Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

Lesson 9

(requires at least 2 hours)
Restorative Justice

Lesson 10

(requires at least 1 hour)
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lesson 11

(requires at least 1 hour)
Title IX Sexual Harassment at Washington State University

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