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Washington State University COVID Compliance

COVID Compliance

Maintaining a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus is the entire WSU community's responsibility.  We understand that mistakes and oversights with public health directives will occur. The changes to our day-to-day routines as a result of these risk-reducing directives are significant and it may take time for the new normal to become natural. Compliance issues will be addressed with care, understanding, and education. The Center for Community Standards will address egregious, reckless, and/or repeated violations of health and safety expectations. Our end goal is behavior change and compliance. 

Link to Current Guidance 


To review all of the Washington Governor’s proclamations during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find more information at the Office of the Governor’s website. For the Governor’s Safe Start plan for information regarding the Washington State Department of Health response to COVID-19, please visit their 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak website.

Potential Sanctions for COVID violations here. 

Amnesty for Information Shared during Contact Tracing

The Center for Community Standards will not have direct access to information disclosed by students during contact tracing. University will NOT be initiating the community standards process solely based on information disclosed during contact tracing. The Center for Community Standards may still contact students to provide educational resources and support. (WAC 504-26-510)