Maintaining a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus is the entire WSU community's responsibility. We contribute to a community which encourages and educates everyone to make positive choices and share messages of our values.

Occasionally students make choices that put those values at risk. The community standards process is designed to support those students, uphold their rights and responsibilities, and hold them accountable for behaviors that conflict with our community standards.

An overview of the community standards process

The following outline applies to the majority of reported incidents. The Center for Community Standards will help you to understand your unique situation.

An incident was reported and the community standards process begins.

Information will be gathered and you will be contacted (through your WSU email) about the next steps, including your information session. Until a decision is made, you are assumed not responsible for the reported incident. Review a step-by-step outline of the community standards process.

If the incident is related to Academic Integrity (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) the process is a little different. See an outline of the academic integrity process here.

Reviewing your rights and responsibilities.

You will benefit by actively participating in the process and being informed of your rights and responsibilities. Learn how to share your experience and information related to the reported incident.

Use your resources and seek support.

You don't have to do this alone and we have resources available to help. Information sessions, trained advisors, campus resources, accommodations, and language interpreters are available.

Attend your hearing.

Your hearing is an opportunity to review the reported information and share your experience before a decision is made by your Conduct Officer or the Conduct Board.

Possible outcomes.

After your hearing, you will be notified of the outcome by email. If sanctions are assigned, they are meant to be educational and not to impede upon your ability to graduate or continue your education. The range of potential sanctions is dependent on the incident.

Option to appeal.

If you do not agree with the decision of a conduct officer, conduct board, or instructor, you may file an appeal.

We're here to help

We understand this can be a challenging time. Your success and education is our priority and we are available to support you or connect you with additional campus resources. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.